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Government Red Tape Increasingly Hampering Small Businesses – Seeking Alpha

In Hot Stuff on October 9, 2013 at 11:54 AM

Government Red Tape Increasingly Hampering Small Businesses

Today’s NFIB Small Business Trends report was released this morning and showed that small business optimism came in a little bit weaker than expected (93.9 vs 94.3). Within each month’s report the NFIB asks small businesses to name the single most important problem they face. The results of this month’s survey are outlined in the table below.

In this month’s survey, Government Regulations topped the list, increasing two percentage points to 24%. The percentage of small businesses citing the regulatory environment as the number one problem is higher now than it has been in at least a decade. With the government currently shutdown, we can probably expect this number to only get worse in the months ahead. Second on the list of biggest problems is taxes at 18%, which although it decreased three percentage points this month, is still the second most frequently cited problem by small businesses. Behind Red Tape and Taxes, Poor Sales came in third place at 17%. It doesn’t say much for the business climate in the United States when businesses are two and a half times more worried about how the government is going to regulate and tax them than they are about actually moving merchandise.

(click to enlarge)saupload_Biggest_20Problem_20Combined_thumb1.png



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